Principal’s Message

Our Mission

To provide quality education within the framework of Catholic beliefs, practices and traditions, supported by a caring community.
Welcome and warm greetings from St. Albans Catholic School.
We pride ourselves on being a small but very well resourced, Catholic school in the heart of St Albans/Merivale, 2.6km from the centre of the city of Christchurch, New Zealand.

St Albans Catholic School is a school striving for excellence in education. We commit ourselves to developing children both academically and spiritually, as well as increasing their emotional, social, physical and cultural well being. 

Our school is widely recognised as a welcoming, safe, inclusive environment and this family atmosphere supports our Special Character. Through our Religious Education and Virtues programme we ensure the teachings of the Catholic Church are respected and practiced. Our staff, students and parent community are expected to reflect these beliefs in their interactions and relationships.
I hope that this website is of benefit to you. I would be delighted to meet with you and share the “good news” from St Albans Catholic School.

Abraham Atherton, Principal - Tumuaki