The objective of Missionz is to promote awareness of the mission of the Catholic Church – to present the good news of Jesus Christ to all peoples, and to generate spiritual, material and financial support for those working in mission and third world territories.
The Pontifical Mission Societies have the common aim of assisting the Holy Father, in spreading missionary awareness among priests, religious, adults and children; encouraging aid to the poor, and gathering financial support for different projects in third world countries. The funds collected during the year by the Pontifical Mission Societies are sent directly to mission dioceses in need, as  decided at Council in Rome each May.
Holy Childhood – supports the health and religious formation needs of mission children. Enables Children helping Children.


Bishop Charles De Forbin Janson (1785-1844) was the man who started Missionary Childhood in France in 1843.

Encouraging Children to Care for Children

Bishop Charles de Forbin-Janson  received letters from missionaries in China begging him to help them save the starving abandoned babies there. He did not know how to find money to help. Then one day, he met Pauline Jaricot. She had started a charity to help missionaries – now known as the Society for the Propagation of the Faith. She advised him that no one could understand the needs of children better than children. She gave him the idea to start a children’s charity.

In 1843 he called upon the children of France to help save the children of China. He asked them to become Missionary Children, helping to spread the Good News. He asked them to say a Hail Mary every day and give a small coin every month to help feed the Chinese children.

He was sure children can be a spiritual and social force that transforms the world.

The Society now based in Rome works to maintain the missionary spirit in children.

Over 1,100 Bishops and their missionary co-workers in dioceses in mission lands.

Bishop Charles de Forbin-Janson