iPad Apps

eLearning is an important part of our school curriculum, including Religious Education. Below is a list of apps for iPads that can support children’s learning in RE.

Little Scribes; Bible Flash Cards

Flash cards that have Biblical images Moses, baskets, gold, lamb etc. Tell a story and get students to pick the items they heard etc.

Catholic Calendar

Gives the ‘Saint’ or ‘Feast ‘of the day and indicates different parts of the world where optional are celebrated. Many of the days have links to information sites about the feast.

Children’s Bible

Uses text of Good News Bible. Short videos of the Bible stories and comic book telling. Comics can be viewed by page or strip of comic.

Vatican, v2.0

Slideshow of images from throughout the Vatican.

The Easter Story, v1.0

Colourful book of the Easter Story with read self or to feature.

The First Christmas Interactive Book v1.1

100 Best Bible Stories for Kids

This is a index of videos of Bible stories on the web (mainly YouTube).

Genesis – Creation of the world

Stunning telling of creation. As the pad is touched the creation continues.

Granny’s Bible Dojo, v1.83

Teaches the order of the books of the Bible great graphics. Not a teaching tool but a fun activity.

Fishes and Loaves

Game where participants collect falling fish and loaves in a basket.

Toddler Bible – The Carry Along Bible

Colourful animated Biblical Stories that can be heard or read. Also capacity to record own re-telling of the story and play it back.

Bible Teachers HD, V2.0

Old Testament Bible matching the shapes to create the story.