General Information


If your child is going to be absent from school we request that parents contact the school office before 9:00am by either phoning 3557538 (you may leave a message on the answersphone) or emailing Please state the reason why your child is going to be absent.

Before and After School Care

Before and after school care is provided by various agencies. For further information please contact the office.

Behaviour Management

We aim is to create an environment in which all children may develop self-discipline and set high standards for themselves. This is achieved using a positive approach and for this reason regulations are kept to a minimum.

Dental Care

The children’s teeth are checked regularly by the School Dental Therapist. Initial examinations are completed in the Mobile Dental Unit, which visits school yearly. Further treatments are at Northcote Dental Centre at Northcote School, 24 Tuckers Road. 
Ph 0800 846 983

Educational Services

From time to time it is necessary to involve specialist services from the fields of health, behaviour and education. Some come on a regular basis as part of the service to schools. The following is a list of those services:
  • RTLB (Resource Teacher Learning Behaviour)
  • Hearing and Vision Specialists
  • Public Health Nurse
  • Speech Language Therapist

Family Record File

A file is kept of addresses, home, work and cellphone telephone numbers in case of sickness or emergency, as well as details of children’s specific medical circumstances. It is most important that these are up-to-date at all times. Please inform the school secretary immediately if there is a change.


Homework provides an opportunity for children to share some of their current learning at school. Your child’s teacher will inform you of the homework expectations operating in that room.


We are very proud of our new library facility. Please ensure books borrowed are well cared for and returned promptly.


Lunch is eaten under teacher supervision. We encourage the inclusion of healthy food in lunches. On occasions when lunch can be purchased, you are asked to follow the procedure for bringing money to school.


All money is handled by the office and it would be appreciated if the following procedures could be observed:
  1. Cash/cheque must be in an envelope with the child’s name, amount enclosed and purpose for payment clearly marked.
  2. Cash should be for the exact amount required.
  3. Cheques should be made payable to St. Albans Catholic School unless otherwise directed. 
  4. Money is to be handed in before school as the office is unattended after 12 noon. 


A weekly newsletter is sent home with the oldest member of the family on Wednesdays. We also email newsletters. Please inform the office of your email address.

Parent Help

Classroom assistance is welcomed and appreciated. Please check with class teachers for further details.
Periodically classes are involved in educational visits. It is our policy to involve parents in these trips so they may share some of the pleasures associated with giving children the opportunity to learn outside the classroom.

Reporting to Parents

Informal Reporting

In our experience Informal Reporting or discussion has proved helpful. 
Parents are welcome to contact their child’s teacher to arrange discussions concerning their child’s progress, difficulties, health, or any other matter that may concern the child’s well being.
Written complaints are taken seriously and will be acted on/resolved immediately.

Formal Reporting

February/March: Information Evenings. Parents have the opportunity to discuss their child’s needs and learning goals may be shared.
Mid-Year Learning Conferences: These are held during Term 2, and are arranged on an appointment basis. A written report is presented along with samples of student learning. It is expected that all parents will attend.
End of Year Reports: Written reports are prepared for all children and issued during December.

Road Safety

Please ensure your children are aware of the road rules. 
Bicycles and scooters are not to be ridden within the school grounds. They are to be walked from Rutland Street and Somme Street entrances and parked in the stands provided.

School Timetable

9 am            10.40 am 
10.40 am     11 am Morning Tea 
11 am          12.30 pm 
12.30 pm     1.30 pm Lunch
1.30 pm       3pm

Children crossing Rutland Street after school are supervised by a teacher.


Stationery lists will be issued within the final report. It is expected that students will begin their school year with  exercise books and necessary resources named and ready for learning. New Entrants will be given their list during pre-entry visits.