A word from the Principal – T1W3

With the number of Omicron cases increasing in our communities, the Government has announced that New Zealand will move to Phase 2 of the Omicron response. In Phase 2, cases of Omicron have spread in the community, and we need to minimise and slow further spread.
This means changes for:
• case investigation and contact tracing
• isolation and quarantine
• health and social support – care in the community.

Things you can do to protect yourself through all phases • Continue to mask, scan and pass wherever you go.
• Maintain good hygiene and physical distancing.
• Stay home if unwell.
We are working on the best form of communication for our families to make this seamless if we are required to inform our community about anything. We hope to test emails via class groups of parents and text messaging through our School Management System early next week. We will notify you, so you are able to let us know if this works.

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